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"I've already put some good use in from working in a professional kitchen with my cleaver and 10" chef knife; also, love the quality, balance, and sharpness. Keith let me pick the wood in for the handles, talked me through blade sizes, and also the edge type that was right for me. All of my coworkers are just as in love with the product as I am, as well I've already been asked by family and friends where to get the high quality craftsmanship that I received. The handles are beyond beautiful, the blades are beyond sharp and strong, and I love how great Keith is with making sure the product meets the person and need for the knife. All around, better than anything I've ever bought from major knife brands!"

Hello! I'm Keith, founder of Keith Nix Knives in Black Mountain NC. I am a native NC custom knife maker, making fine kitchen  and culinary knives of all types, kitchen carving knives, and handmade outdoor knives from fillet knives, to skinners, boning knives, bird and trout, bush/camping and all purpose belt knives. Each NC knife is made by hand from new steel stock purchased from reputable dealers, who can provide certifications on request. No scrap, recycled, or mystery steel is ever used for knives.

I grew up in Black Mountain and have roamed and camped these beautiful mountains, chased waterfalls, fished the creeks, and worked here all my life. My tiny shop and store are located on the property where I grew up, looking across the Swannanoa Valley at High Windy, High Top, and the Swannanoa Mountains, just about twelve "crow miles" south of Mount Mitchell.  My parents and grandparents grew up here in WNC, and my children as well. Now my grandson is calling Buncombe County home. So my roots in Western North Carolina are long and deep. That alone guides me to provide the very best products and services I can, simply because it's quite possible my client is a friend, neighbor, former schoolmate or coworker, or even a family member, or is maybe one person away from knowing me or my family.

"Keith was great to work with! Not only was he quick and professional, the work he did with our broken knife was fantastic! We will be using him in the future and I would highly recommend him!"



Ezra Maille of The Black Mountain News wrote a nice article about Keith Nix Knives.

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Cooper Metts of the CPJW shot a video of my little shop.  View it HERE!

I started gathering tools and knowledge for this "retirement hobby" back in early 2017, and made my first serviceable knife in the fall of 2019. Since I have the specialized tools in my shop already, I offered professional sharpening services for knives and scissors for friends and family. Both jobs have really blossomed, and now I have around four months worth of knives on the books to build, and sharpening projects flowing in regularly. You can visit the gallery of past projects HERE.

I've always had an appreciation for a good knife that does its job well, whatever that job may be. Making a great 8 inch chef's knife, or nakiri, or hunter, or skinning knife in a price range where regular folks like you and me can afford it, is something I am constantly striving for.

I have worked with steel and other metals for the majority of my adult life. As a manual and CNC machinist in a prototype and production setting, I'm constantly working to refine my "process". For example, making a batch of five or ten knives is more cost effective and less time consuming "per knife" than making them one at a time. Developing and refining my own skills also saves time and improves quality, as does having and choosing the right tool to perform the task at hand. 

I've studied the science of metallurgy, to raise my understanding of what each element in a particular composition of steel does to the finished product. I've studied deeply the steels I choose to offer for knives, and chose these for their BALANCE of properties, such as toughness, ease of sharpening, potential working hardness, and for stainless steel, stain resistance. I've studied and tested heat treatment protocols for the steels I use and offer to you. I've done all this in my ovens and I know my ovens' idiosyncrasies. They produce results comparable to the people whose generous teachings have helped me achieve my goals. I am set up to do cryogenic treatment of all the knives I make, because it has been proven that a soak at -320F (yes, 320 BELOW  ZERO) makes every steel stronger, harder, and more abrasion resistant to support sharp keen edges.

Learn a little about heat treating HERE!

Learn About Liquid Nitrogen HERE!

Keith Nix Knives also offers sharpening services as well as edge and tip repair to individuals and businesses in Asheville, Weaverville, Black Mountain, Old Fort, and Marion, NC. Call or text to book your knife or make your appointment!

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Crafted By Hand, Informed By Science!

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