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Links of Gratitude

These people, companies, and sites have assisted me either directly, through impeccable customer service and assistance, or educating me beyond what I could have learned on my own. I highly recommend them all!

Morgan Keefe Builders For the solid referral and the knife orders!

Victor Werany and SHRED Charlotte  
Please visit this site and see what this great group of people are doing for kids with remarkable needs.

Ezra Maille of the Black Mountain News wrote a business profile of Keith Nix Knives for the paper. You can read it online HERE!

Foothills Local Meats 
uses Keith Nix Knives Sharpening Service. Their staff and foods are amazing!

A very special thank you to  Justin Askew Photography and @sarahknixinthestix for the great photos and video that decorate this site. Some are mine, but the very best belong to Justin and Sarah! They can both be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Many thanks to Ortencia "Tez" Garcia
 for her ongoing assistance with web design and arrangement. She is the best! Email her here! 


My friends at Precision Graphics in Black Mountain have excelled at everything I've asked of them, from printing, to laser etching steel and leather, to embroidery, to t-shirts. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Thanks to Dr Larrin Thomas at Knife Steel Nerds s  for his endless research, testing, and technical writings, and for his stellar book "KNIFE ENGINEERING". I have learned so much from his writings and the generous sharing of his findings.

All the knowledgeable members who contribute at
Blade Forums With a minimal amount of sifting there are virtually endless tips and tricks pertaining to custom knife making and grinding, sheath making, handle finishing, shop setup, dust collection, and many many other subjects.

Todd at
Science of Sharp, for the research, stunning SEM photography, and excellent articles and posts regarding the sharpening of knives and razors.

Don and Greg at
Reeder Products for making their fine belt grinder and attachments, and for being always available and willing to answer questions.

Thank you to all those who have used the services provided by Keith Nix Knives and took the time to
eview My work!

Update October, 2022-- I continue to be amazed by the outpouring of support for Keith Nix Knives. Custom knives are currently booked about five to six months out. 


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