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FREE Learning-26C3 Steel, The Chef's Dream

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

In the shop, at the Reeder grinder, setting bevels on a knife!
In the shop grinding bevels on a knife

Keith Nix Knives FREE Learning!!

What is 26C3?

26C3 is a high carbon, low alloy non stainless steel. It's called 26C3 in the US, 1.2002 in Germany. 26C3 is produced by Uddeholmstrip for use as razor and scalpel blades. 26C3 has a very fine grain and carbide microstructure, and is exceptionally clean/pure. As such is capable of very high hardness (above 67HRc as-quenched) while maintaining good toughness. High Hardness Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives!

Chefs and professional cooks who prefer carbon steel should definitely consider 26C3, which is very close in composition to Hitachi White #1, a well known Japanese blade steel. Both steels are extremely clean(low impurities), and have a very high carbon content with low alloying, allowing for extreme hardness in simple carbon steels.

Hard, Yet TOUGH

While high hardness is desirable, good toughness matters too. It is toughness that determines whether a blade will hold a keen edge or suffer chips. 26C3 holds up well in toughness comparisons, testing equal or better to more mainstream steels such as 1095, O1, M2, A2, and PSF27. I'll be running these chef's knives at 64-65 HRc, and tests show they'll be tougher than D2 at 60HRc! It's important to note here that this steel is NOT stainless. It will rust and develop pitting very quickly without proper maintenance!!! It will also develop a patina over time that many find attractive and quite desirable. Refer to "How to Care For Custom Knives" to learn more about the care of carbon steel knives. So if you're looking for a really hard, very fine grained custom chef's knife, we have the steel for you at Keith Nix Knives! Give me a call today at 828-337-7836... Dr Larrin Thomas over at Knife Steel Nerds has done quite a bit of testing on 26C3, measuring toughness characteristics at different hardnesses. Check out the article here! Other steels in stock here!

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