FREE Learning- How I Design and Make a Kitchen Knife, Part II

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Sarah's Patchwork
Sarah's Patchwork

Keith Nix Knives FREE Learning!! WHAT IS HARDNESS?-- First, let's clear up a common misconception- in steels, hardness has nothing to do with stiffness, and vice versa. A steel part may have a high or low hardness, but it will always have the same stiffness. To make a knife more flexible, it is necessary to thin the blade so we're actually bending less steel. There are several ways to measure the hardness of hardened steel, but the most common is the Rockwell C test, or scale. This test measures the depth of penetration of a diamond cone under 150Kg(330.693 lbs) load. Wile I know what my heat treating recipes should produce, testing the hardness of every blade guarantees that human error and failure of my ovens or cryogenic quench have been eliminated. That hardness translates to more strength and better edge holding for you. To a point. All knives must be "tempered" as part of their heat treat protocol. When they're first hardened, they are under tremendous internal stresses and are quite brittle. The blades must be reheated to some lower temperature to relieve these stresses and slightly soften the knife. Only then will it be a trustworthy kitchen companion! WHAT SIZE KNIFE-- Take a look in your own kitchen to answer this question. Which of your several knives to you most often pick up for a task? That is your favorite knife for a reason! If you desire we can modify the profile of that knife, make it taller, shorter, add to or subtract from the overall length to make it more suitable for your purposes. WHAT KIND OF HANDLE-- You may choose from any of the woods and synthetic materials I have available for your knife. If you work in a professional kitchen, I suggest you consider micarta or G10. These synthetics are highly resistant to moisture and are less likely to harbor bacteria in a busy work environment. For the home kitchen, any of the stabilized woods I offer will be fine. CAN YOU PERSONALIZE MY KNIFE-- Yes! I use Precision Graphics in Black Mountain to laser etch my blades. They are extremely accurate and can add text to personalize your knife. Do you wish to add a name, birthday, or anniversary date to your blade? Precision Graphics can make it happen!

IS YOUR WORK GUARANTEED?-- Your Keith Nix Knife is guaranteed for life. I will either repair, replace, or refund your custom knife at my discretion. All you have to do is ship or deliver it to me and pick it up, or I'll pay return shipping. If you just don't like your Keith Nix Knife, ship it back. I'll refund the purchase price or exchange for another knife, no questions asked.

When your knife gets dull, and it eventually will, I'll sharpen it free of charge, always. Dull knives are awful to work with. Just don't do it. STAY SHARP! WHENEVER, FOREVER!

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