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Evenheat Warming Up
Filling the dewar with liquid nitrogen

Knife Steels And Heat Treating
Why These Steel Choices Matter To You And How They Affect The Properties Of Your Heirloom Knife

In custom knifemaking, a botched heat treat gone unnoticed lasts forever, and will forever affect the performance of your knife. But so will a bang up custom heat treat that is tailored to the needs of YOUR knife! We can change a handle that doesn't feel or look right, we can refinish blade or handle. Resharpening and even reprofiling blades are definitely things we can do. But generally speaking, redoing a bad heat treat after a custom knife is finished is not a simple task. So it has to be done right the first time, every time. 
The articles below talk about steel choices and some of the different operations lumped under the term "Heat Treating". Just find an article that interests you and click to read!

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