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Knife Sharpening near you should create Precise, screaming sharp edges like this one, available at Keith Nix Knives.

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Knife Sharpening Service In Black Mountain
Who Sharpens Knives Near You?
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Hand-Sharpened Edges Near You
Knife Edge Tip And Chip Repair

All Knives Hand Sharpened Including Serrated Edges
Scissors Sharpening, Pinking Shears, Barber Scissors and Clippers
Animal Grooming Scissors And Clippers Sharpened

Keith Nix Knives uses the Edge on Up Sharpness Tester to inspect Professional Blade Sharpening
The BESS C Scale of Sharpness. Measuring and delivering Professional results at Keith Nix Knives


If you've searched "knife sharpening service near me", or you're looking for knife sharpening, it's simple! Call or text Keith at 828-337-7836 and make arrangements to drop your knives off at any time. The typical turnaround is 24 hours. Get in touch!

Would you like Hand Sharpened Knives in your kitchen? That's the way we do sharpening here at Keith Nix Knives. There's a reason machine ground edges don't last as long, and we think it's worth the time it takes to hand sharpen. Call at 828.337.7836



Look to Keith Nix Knives for affordable, precise, and reliable knife sharpening in Black Mountain! Our customers have consistently rated us as the best in the business for sharpening all styles of custom knives, as well as scissors. Your knives will be sharpened by Keith, and no one else. With 25+ years as a machinist, Keith knows about steel and precision!

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, we can create extremely keen hand-sharpened edges on all types of knives, including Japanese, French, German, American, and custom chef's knives, as well as outdoor and pocket knives. Call 828.337.7836

Our professional sharpening process involves using high-quality tools, jigs, and abrasives to thin the knife edge at a precise and fixed angle, and then hand-sharpen, deburr, polish, and strop the bevels quickly and with incredible accuracy. We then use The Edge On Up knife sharpness tester to quantify and measure the sharpness on the BESS C scale of sharpness. 

At Keith Nix Knives, we take great care to ensure that we never overheat the apex of your fine cutlery, yet we still hand sharpen and finish all knives to eliminate the possibility of a heat-affected zone, which could damage your blades. 


Keith Nix Knives is located at 244 Cragmont Rd in Black Mountain NC. We're just a little west of downtown, and less than a half mile from Lake Tomahawk! Just ask Google Maps or your favorite GPS driving aid to bring you here!

Whether you're looking for the most accurate hand sharpener in Black Mountain or need professional scissor sharpening services near you in Asheville, call or text us at 828-337-7836 today! For more information on our sharpening process, check out this blog post at Keith Nix Knives.

"Excellent service on my kitchen knives. One was bent at the tip and heel, and he straightened those spots, too. Crazy sharp, fast, and inexpensive compared to sending them off somewhere. Thanks Keith!"
"Excellent sharpening and fantastic service. Keith did 5 kitchen knives and even repaired my oldest knife which is getting near the end of the blade. We relocated last year to the area and had been searching for a good knife sharpener. We found him! Prep will be so much easier now. Thank you so much!!"

"I trusted Keith with some of my custom kitchen knives and he did an outstanding job. He took great care and is a true professional. I would highly recommend him."


Since our beginning, we have delivered HAND-SHARPENED EDGES on every blade that leaves the Knife Shop in Black Mountain. Sharpening by hand is our trademark and our promise to you!


Are you in need of a professional custom knife sharpener near you who can cater to your specific requirements? Look no further than the Custom Knife Maker, Keith Nix Knives! Our services include sharpening knives to any angle of your choice and ensuring that the edge is evenly sharpened from one end to the other. No matter the cost of your custom knives, we welcome them all. So why not drop by, call, text, or email and let us take care of your sharpening needs? Keith Nix Knives is the guy for Serrated Knife Sharpening in Black Mountain!



If you have older kitchen knives, especially factory-made ones, and you want to improve their cutting performance, "thinning the edge" is one of the best ways to do so. As we sharpen our knives over time, the edge angle becomes too obtuse, and the thickness of the blade behind the edge increases, resulting in a loss of sharpness. Without that keenness, slicing carrots becomes difficult, and they may break apart, scattering all over the kitchen. To address these issues, a Professional Knife Sharpening Service is essential. If you find yourself struggling to slice tomatoes, it's time to seek help from Keith Nix Knives' Local Sharpening Service, we can restore your dull knives to their former sharpness. Keith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!


Are you looking for quality Black Mountain Knife and Tool Sharpening? Look no further than Keith Nix Knives! We prioritize your safety by conducting a thorough needs assessment on every knife we sharpen. This includes inspecting for any cracks or chips that could potentially harm you, the user. If necessary, we'll use The Reeder belt sander to thin the bevels of your knives at no additional charge for optimal performance and slicing ability. 

Our sharpening systems are designed to hold the knife in place, allowing for a consistent and equal angle to be applied to each side of the blade. We typically use a "thinning angle" of 10-12 degrees on kitchen knives and can complete the process in just a few minutes (compared to an hour or more freehand). We then finish with a micro bevel, hand sharpened at a slightly steeper angle of 2-3 degrees higher than the thinning angle. This "secret" technique strengthens the edge and apex without sacrificing sharpness, while also making thicker knives feel thinner when slicing and dicing. 

Trust Keith Nix Knives for expert Knife Sharpening in Black Mountain. We prioritize quality and safety. 

Call  or text 828.337.7836


Click HERE To set up Knife Sharpening or Scissors Sharpening today! 

Knife Sharpening Asheville? We've Got You Covered!

Knife Sharpening Near You, Professional Results-

Who Can Hand Sharpen My Knives Near Me?- Keith Nix Knives!

Who Does Scissors Sharpening In Black Mountain? Keith Nix Knives!

Where Can I Get My Knives Sharpened In Black Mountain?
Where Can I
 Get My Knives Sharpened Near Me? 
Keith Nix Knives!

Keith Nix Knives offers precise local knife sharpening near you in Black Mountain, Asheville, Marion, Weaverville, Hendersonville. Our expertise covers various kitchen cutlery including custom knives, Japanese, German, French, Western-style, Serrated, and custom blades. Trust us to provide you with high-quality sharpening services.

That's right, LOCAL KNIFE SHARPENING by  Machinist/Toolmaker/Knifemaker, Keith Nix. Keith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!

Accuracy Matters
It is important to inquire whether your knife sharpener is aware of the bevel angle they use on your blades, and if they can inform you of the grit level of your edges after finishing. If they claim that their sharpening process lasts longer than others, they may be dishonest and not provide you with adequate service. Consult
the Knife Sharpening Q&A HERE.

Keith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!

Custom Knife Sharpener In Black Mountain
Who Sharpens Knives in Black Mountain? Keith Nix Knives!

If you're in need of sharpening for your hunting, fishing, camping, or bushcraft knives, look no further. We offer edge and tip repair services, and can even sharpen serrated knives. Bring in your yard tools, kitchen knives, butchery blades, and scissors for sharpening as well. Our team is precise, courteous, affordable, and provides quick turnaround times. To schedule an appointment with our local knife sharpener, simply call or text 828-337-7836.

We Test Sharpness
As far as we know, there is no Professional Sharpening Service in WNC that offers hand-sharpened knives and the ability to test and measure the sharpness of edges, except for Keith Nix Knives. We take precise measurements of edge sharpness and have a specific Quality Standard that all knives must meet - not just "hair shaving sharp". If a knife does not meet our quality control standards, we resharpen it BEFORE you notice an issue, at no additional cost to you. Click HERE to learn more.


Additionally, we offer a complimentary sharpening service for your Keith Nix Knives blades, free of charge. This ensures that your Keith Nix Knives blades always have a precise, hand-honed edge that is expertly stropped to a razor sharpness using denim and leather strops. What's more, you can trust that your Black Mountain Knives will never have to leave the comfort of your town for repairs.

We handle all repairs of factory knives in-house, from fixing broken tips to repairing chipped edges. You can also count on us to restore dull blades to a quality that exceeds their original condition, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Keith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!



If you're looking for knife sharpening in Black Mountain, Marion, or Asheville, NC, Keith Nix Knives can deliver measurable results on the BESS Sharpness scale. We use the Edge on Up Sharpness tester to measure actual sharpness, ensuring that our professional knife sharpening services are of the highest quality. Quality control is important to us, and you can trust that we have it covered!


For Hand Sharpened Edges by appointment, call or text 828-337-7836. Experience the difference when a Knifemaker puts professional hand-sharpened edges on your knives!

Learn About Keith Nix

Learn why we hand-sharpen every knife!


Scissors Sharpener Black Mountain?
Who Sharpens Scissors In Black Mountain?

Looking for scissors sharpening in Black Mountain? Look no further than Keith Nix Knives! Our team specializes in sharpening all types of scissors, including pinking shears, fabric scissors, and kitchen shears. Additionally, we offer clipper blades and dog/pet groomer scissor sharpening services. Simply bring your scissors to us, and we'll handle the rest, providing professional and efficient sharpening services. Don't hesitate to reach out to us via call or text to schedule your appointment today.


Quantifying Sharpness-

After hand sharpening and giving your blade a final stropping on 1-micron diamond-loaded leather, we use the Edge On Up BESS knife sharpness tester to measure its sharpness and ensure it meets our specifications. Unless your knife falls below 170 on the BESS "C" scale, we will resharpen it. Our target sharpness on the BESS scale (as shown in the picture in this article) is 140-170 grams. Quality assurance and quality control go hand in hand to guarantee quality delivery. Measuring sharpness is an important part of our process to maintain the highest quality standards. It's worth noting that high-end factory knives usually measure between 250 and 350, making our target of 170 max quite impressive. For more information on measuring the sharpness of an edge, please check out the four articles I've written on the topic:

How I Sharpen Knives

Quantifying Sharpness
Quantifying Sharpness II

Quantifying Sharpness III

The picture above displays the BESS C scale (Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale), which provides comparative results for various sharpness benchmarks. For instance, a block measuring between 250-350 on the scale is categorized as "new high-end cutlery edges." Another block between 150-200 is identified as a "utility razor blade," while a block roughly between 25-75 is referred to as a "double-edge razor blade." My daily "box opener" knife requires a touch-up as it just scored 208 on the scale.

Avoid spending money on postage to send your chef's knives away to a sharpening service with high charges and long processing times. Instead, trust local knife maker Keith Nix Knives to sharpen your blades. Our turnaround time is typically 24 hours or less.

Why take them to a hardware store where the person entrusted with your blades may not be adequately trained to provide Professional Knife Sharpening? We sharpen a hundred blades or more monthly because we have the equipment and requests. Keith Nix Knives Professional Sharpening Service provides Knife sharpening near you, available through email, text, or phoneKeith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!


Knife Sharpening Q&A HERE

All work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so there's no risk for you. 
Click here for Professional Knife sharpening for individuals and businesses in Black Mountain, Asheville, Weaverville, Old Fort, Marion, and Greater Western NC. 
Keith Nix Knives for Local Knife Sharpening In Black Mountain!

"The kitchen knife, cook's knife, chef's knife, is the most used single tool in the house for many of us. To be continually disappointed by dull, cheap knives is something I can't understand. If you cook for yourself or your family, you DESERVE a great kitchen knife!"
-Keith Nix

FREE Learning Articles HERE.

Click HERE To set up Knife Sharpening near you!


If you've been searching for a Knife Sharpener in Black Mountain, Keith Nix Knives is the place to go. With fair pricing, GREAT reviews, fast turnaround, and highly accurate, screaming sharp hand-finished edges, I don't know how you could beat NC knife maker Keith Nix Knives for Knife Sharpening! I use a grit sequence of bonded diamond sharpening stones from 80, 100, 150, 240, 400, 800, 1200, and 2000 grit, and a 3000-grit ceramic stone to hand finish your edges quickly to reduce costs to you.

Also Available For Knife Sharpening in Asheville! If you're looking for reliable, high-quality, affordable local Knife sharpening in Black Mountain or Asheville, NC, please consider Keith Nix Knives! Text or call 828-337-7836 now.

Do you ask, "Why do my knives dull so quickly?" or hate kitchen prep because they ARE dull? Do your kitchen shears or sewing scissors need professional sharpening? Don't fall for the line, "My machine will make your knives stay sharp for years and years to come!" (No kidding, that's a QUOTE!)

No sharpening machine or method is magic, and no knife sharpener can make an edge last longer or stay sharper longer. I say now, whoever advertises that is being untruthful. How someone sharpens your knives will NOT change the steel they are made from, how YOU care for them, what you're cutting, or the material your cutting surface is made from.

Read these tips on "How To Care For Custom Knives." Even if your Knife is a $10 special, proper care will help the edge last longer!

Knife Edge Chip and Tip Repair

Keith Nix Knives offers repair of broken knife tips and large edge chips, knife edge repair, reprofiling, and adjustments to thickness behind the edge, the key metric in KEENNESS. Knife sharpening service and edge repairs available to businesses and individuals in Black Mountain, NC, Asheville, Weaverville, Old Fort, Marion, and the surrounding area.

Introducing the Mini Cleaver!

See What Keith Nix Knives Customers Say HERE!

Knife Making Articles HERE!

What Does Professional Knife Sharpening Cost Near You?

Black Mountain Knife Sharpening


Fair Pricing- Full-Service Sharpening

Every Knife receives this attention:
1) A full inspection of your Knife to check for cracks in the steel and other safety issues.
2) Measurement of "thickness behind the edge," the key metric in keenness.
3) Edge thinning is usually 10-12 degrees per side for kitchen knives and higher for heavy-use blades.
4) Final HAND sharpening, on a fixed angle sharpener
(Hapstone), at a final sharpening angle appropriate for the Knife, its use, and the steel quality it is made from. We utilize a progression of diamond sharpening stones from 80 to 2000 and a 3000-grit ceramic for final polish and deburr before hand stropping.
5) Final Hand Stropping on leather loaded with 1-micron diamond paste to polish the apex of your Knife and remove the burrs created in the sharpening process.

6) Measurement of the sharpness with the Edge on Up Sharpness tester.
7) Final clean up and wipe down with isopropyl alcohol to remove residues
 and sanitize your blade.
8) 100% satisfaction guarantee!


All for $1 per blade plus $1 per inch of edge (serrated blades, $2 per inch). So an 8" knife is $9, a 6" knife is $7, and so on. What are you waiting for? Call or text 828-337-7836 to make your appointment!


Significant edge, chip, and tip repairs might cost more, but I'll quote the work fairly and reasonably. Pickup and delivery are available within 30 miles of Black Mountain, NC, for a mileage-based fee. Or you may drop off and pick up your knives at my shop. Or I'll meet you in Black Mountain at a convenient location. After I've "freehand sharpened" my knives on stones for a while, I start losing the correct edge angle, and I need a tune-up too. That's when I treat my knives precisely as I'll treat yours. I wrote an article for the FREE Learning Page explaining my entire sharpening process. Just click the link to visit the post:

Learn About Knife Sharpening

Courteous, Precise, Local, Professional, Fast 

Knife Sharpening, Finished By Hand


To Make an Appointment for Knife Sharpening Near You, Click Here!


Keith says,

"I took in a knife for sharpening not long ago, and it was the worst mess I've ever seen. Uneven edge, faceted, and two big gouges, one at the heel, another at the tip. It was done on some grinding machine by an individual who didn't know what they were doing.
I had to grind away about 20 years of that Knife's life to fix a wreck of a sharpening job that was done by someone who lacked training or a reason to care about qua
lity. And his supervisor didn't care enough about quality to look at said individual's work. I put an acceptable edge back on the blade, but it will never be the same.

"I won't ask you to bring all your knives to Keith Nix Knives, but I AM going to say this. A few REPUTABLE knife sharpeners exist in Buncombe County and the surrounding area. Including Keith Nix Knives, there are two in Black Mountain. To my knowledge, NONE OF THEM work out of a hardware store. Find one of those if you can't find me, please. Don't let an untrained machine sharpener permanently damage your blades to save a few bucks!
Rant over!"


More Information:

Custom Knife Handle Materials

Check The Knifeworks Store Now

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PLEASE, be safe with knives! Click here for Knife safety tips!

Get in Touch!

Call or text now, or EMAIL Keith today to make an appointment for your knives, or set up regular pickup/delivery if you own a business or restaurant. I'll be happy to show you the shop and whatever knives I'm working on!


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Testimonial- "My knives are like new! Keith does excellent work, and in quick time as well, which was important as my knives had not been sharpened in years. I highly recommend him, and will certainly call on him again."
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