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Keith Nix Knives Guarantee and Shipping
Lifetime Guarantee, Free Shipping In the US

"Had a great experience with Keith recently on a knife and axe sharpening job. It's clear Keith has deep knowledge of his trade, and the work he performed was top notch! Combined with a personable and accommodating attitude, he's the go to guy in the area for good reason. Fast, too!"

Lifetime Guarantee

Keith at the grinder

Your Keith Nix Knives custom knife is guaranteed for life. Yours or mine, whichever comes first. If there is a defect in my materials or workmanship, or if you just don't like the knife, I will either repair or replace your custom knife at my discretion. All you have to do is ship or deliver it to me and pick it up.

If you don't like your Keith Nix Knife, ship it back or bring it by. I'll refund the purchase price or exchange it for a knife you DO like, no questions asked. 

When your custom knife gets dull, and it will, I'll sharpen it free of charge, always. Dull knives are awful to work with. Just don't do it.


Free Shipping In The US

When you purchase a Keith Nix Knives custom bespoke knife, I'll ship it to you free of charge, anywhere in CONUS. Period.

When you are requiring sharpening service, replacement or claims, you must pay shipping both ways. That's the deal unless otherwise specified by me at my discretion, because I really screwed something up. Which I won't.

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