Keith Nix, Custom Knife Maker and knife sharpener. Tall petite chefs in AEB-L steel with Flame Box Elder scales
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"What first took my breath when I opened the gift of a Keith Nix Knives petite chef’s knife was the handle. Keith crafted it from a dead limb removed from a dogwood tree on my land. The subtleties of hue and depth of grain are extraordinary! The handle fits as if it were made for my hand. The weight, balance and edge of this knife make every type of cooking prep effortless. It’s as if the knife is an extension of my arm.
"Keith also gave new life to several heavily used and abused knives in three vacation rentals I own. Sharper now than they were new. The same applies to two heavily rusted and terribly dull garden loppers I took to Keith Nix Knives. Keith’s craftsmanship, skill, integrity, humility and humor are a rare combination. 1,000 thanks to you, Keith, and to Keith Nix Knives!"
Keith in the shop. Photo by Cooper Metts

Keith Nix Knives: Custom Knife Maker 

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Black Mountain NC

Custom Kitchen Knives Made Locally

Knife Sharpening in Black Mountain NC


Keith Nix Knives is a custom knife maker in Black Mountain NC.  With the knife maker's shop, precision knife sharpening equipment, and knife store in Black Mountain, Keith Nix Knives is close to Asheville, Marion, Hendersonville, and Weaverville.

I hand craft  AFFORDABLE handmade chefs knives and other local custom kitchen knives, as well as custom hunting and bushcraft knives of all types, fishing, fillet, boning, and skinning knives. When you stop by Keith Nix Knives you'll see future custom knives in various stages of completion, handle woods, sheaths, and all the tools used to make or sharpen your handmade knife. So come by, let's talk about your next custom chef's knife or handmade outdoor knife. Click HERE for pictures and prices!










Keith Nix Knives also provides local knife sharpening in Black Mountain NC, and scissors sharpening for businesses and individuals. That means your knives can ALWAYS have a precision hand honed, precisely held edge, stropped to razor sharpness on denim and leather. Repair of knives with broken tips and chipped edges, restoration of dull blades to better than new.


All work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you searched "Knife maker near me" or "knife sharpening near Black Mountain", just browse through Keith Nix Knives pictures and styles of knives. If you're looking for custom NC knives made in the US, or precision knife sharpening in Black Mountain, you've found the place!


Click here for Professional knife sharpening service for individuals and businesses in Black Mountain NC, Asheville, Weaverville, Old Fort, Marion, and Greater Western NC.

"The kitchen knife, cook's knife, chef's knife, is the most used single tool in the house for many of us. To be continually disappointed by dull, cheap knifes is something I can't understand. If you cook for yourself or your family, you DESERVE a great kitchen knife!"


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A custom knife maker has the ability to give more attention to details like custom heat treating protocols, cryogenic treatment, special precise grinds, and hand sharpening. On top of that, you get to choose the material for your handle! These details ensure you a harder, tougher, sharper, better looking knife right out of the box, the best knife it can be, and the knife you envisioned. It won't just be a knife, it will be an heirloom! We offer custom laser etching for personalization on all knives built in house. At major knife production facilities, quicker is often better, and the corporation won't go to the time and expense to cryogenically treat or hand sharpen your knife with a progression of stones. It is this kind of attention to detail that gives the custom maker the edge, literally!

We sell heavy duty top grain leather sheaths hand made for YOUR custom knife by Curtis Cooper. Another available service is laser engraving(etching) personalization of your custom knives and sheaths with a high degree of accuracy to commemorate a special date or person. Also offered is professional knife sharpening right here in Black Mountain, including chip and tip repair, knife edge repair, reprofiling, edge thinning, and blade sharpening of knives and scissors. Keith Nix Knives is a great choice for blade sharpening or knife sharpening service. Visit the gallery for photos of our products HERE!


The heart of any custom handmade knife is the steel it is made from. The heat treatments and grinds applied to that steel become the "personality" of the custom knife, and determine whether any knife will be a pleasure or a pain to use for its intended purpose. A NAKIRI made to dice veggies in the kitchen won't do a very good job processing firewood on a backpacking trip. A fillet knife won't pry open a stuck door. Have a conversation with your custom knife maker about how you use your knife!

I do everything In House except make the raw steel, laser etch the logo, and stabilize the wood for handles. I cut and grind the profile, heat treat, quench, apply cryogenic extension of the quench, temper, grind bevels, make the handle, and apply the finish. Once complete, your knife will receive its first HAND sharpening before it is transferred to your possession.

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Why Are Custom Knives Better??  

Do you Make Sheaths?

From behind the shop looking to High Windy. photo by Cooper Metts.
"The kitchen knife, cook's knife, chef's knife, is the most used single tool in the house for many of us. To be continually disappointed by dull, cheap knifes is something I can't understand. If you cook for yourself or your family, you DESERVE a great kitchen knife!"
-Keith Nix

My Guarantee to You!
Your Keith Nix Knives custom knife is guaranteed for life. Whether it is a custom chefs knife or a handmade hunting knife, I will either repair, replace, or refund your custom knife at my discretion. All you have to do is ship or deliver it to me and pick it up, or I'll pay return shipping.

If you just don't like your Keith Nix Knives product, ship it back. I'll refund the purchase price or exchange for another knife, no questions asked. 

When your knife gets dull, and it eventually will, I'll sharpen it free of charge, always. Dull knives are awful to work with. Just don't do it. Buy a custom knife with a guarantee that matters!

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"I brought in a 12 year old chef knife that was in rough shape (it hadn't been sharpened in those 12 years, and had small chips all along the blade) and a boning knife that was really dull. Turn around was fast, Keith was very kind and professional, and when I got home I was able to slice through broccoli stems like butter and remove chicken tendons like paper. Pretty sure the chef knife is sharper than when I first bought it. Now cutting vegetables is seriously weird, I'm not used to this level of effortless slicing and dicing. Do yourself a favor and take your knives to Keith."
Streaky Dogwood! Salvaged from a dead trunk.


Please get in touch to find out more about the process and
work of custom knife maker Keith Nix or to consult about your own project.
Phone/Text: 828-337-7836

244 Cragmont Rd
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Keith Nix Knives is a short five minute drive from downtown Black Mountain, not far from Lake Tomahawk. Call and schedule a visit!