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Chicken Curry by Sarah Nix

Kitchen Knife Use And Safety
From The FREE Learning Series

Best Practices to Get the Most From Your Knives, Maintain Sharpness Longer, and Keep Your Fingers and Hands Safe As You Prepare Meals!

Guacamole in the making, courtesy Sarah Nix

Whether you use a cleaver or a paring knife in the kitchen, there are some "Best Practices" that will help you keep your fingers and your sanity!
The articles below and those to come can help you become  better and safer while using your knives in the kitchen, help prevent premature edge loss, and help prevent bloodshed!
Just pick any article below and click to read!

Knife Safety Tricks And Tips --Your custom knife won't be very enjoyable with a bandage on your hand! Please use caution until you're used to the extremely sharp edge, and exercise these Knife Safety Tips in the kitchen! Click HERE!

Cutting Boards -- Your Custom Knife deserves to be treated properly, and YOU need to keep yourself safe! Maintaining the hand sharpened edge of your new blade has a lot to do with what you allow to come in contact with the microscopically keen edge. Your safety in large part comes from a solid, stable cutting board. One thing that is regularly in contact with your knife is the cutting board you use it on.  To find out what the best cutting board materials are, click HERE!


The "NEXT" Ultimate Knife Buying Guide -- Custom kitchen knives and culinary knives come in all shapes and sizes, Some will be great for You in YOUR kitchen, others maybe not! Here's a breakdown of knife styles and uses WITHOUT a hundred links begging you to buy a knife from "this or that sponsor". Because, y'know, I don't HAVE any sponsors! yuk yuk! Click HERE!

The Difference Between Cheap And Custom KnivesWHY Purchase a Custom Knife? Custom handmade chef's knife? Who makes custom knives near me? What am I getting for the extra cost? Is a $200 knife better than a $25 big box store knife? Why? I hope we'll answer those questions for you in this post! Just CLICK HERE!

What Makes A Good Chef's Knife? -- The Chef's knife is probably the most used tool in the home kitchen, and certainly in the professional kitchen. Chef's knife design is a few hundred years old, but there is still room for improvement! To read on, click HERE!

How To Care For Custom Knives - Handmade knives deserve a little better care than the typical $10 big box store knives. Custom knives are built to last a lifetime, and some simple tips and tricks will guarantee that happens! Learn More HERE!

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