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Keith Nix
Road view of the house and shop

About Keith Nix
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Who Is Keith Nix?


Greetings! My name is Keith. I am the owner and knife maker at Keith Nix Knives. As a local Black Mountain Knife Maker, I operate both a Knife Maker's Shop and Knife Store in the area. My specialty lies in crafting affordable, top-notch custom kitchen knives and handmade outdoor blades for a variety of purposes, including hunting, fishing, and all-purpose belt knives. My inventory includes an array of fine slicing blades, pig skinners, custom carving knives, boning knives, and heavy-use bushcraft blades.



Several years ago I came across a beautiful piece of Birdseye Maple and thought it would make a great knife handle. But, I didn't have a knife to go with it. After some searching, I found a company that sold pre-drilled, shaped, and hardened knife blanks, which meant I could add my own handle and sharpen it, and have a knife I "helped" make! I ordered a blade from them, but unfortunately, it wasn't up to par. The bevels were off-center, the pin holes were uneven, and it wasn't very hard. It wasn't suitable for everyday use, or eye pleasing enough to carry

That $20 blade actually led me to start making knives as a hobby. Being a machinist, I knew I could do better. I researched knife-making techniques, materials, and designs. I invested a lot of money in equipment and machines, and even made a few poorly ground blades before finally getting the hang of it. Now, I'm producing and testing my own knives from raw materials.

Calling Black Mountain Home

My childhood in Black Mountain was surrounded by the beauty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and valleys, which became my playground and played a significant role in shaping my character. I hold dear to my heart the memories of chasing after stunning waterfalls, fishing in the creeks, and discovering the natural wonders of this region. I've lived and worked here my entire life and wouldn't have it any other way. My home, store, and knife shop are situated just five miles to the west of the Eastern Continental Divide, nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.


The water from the Swannanoa River here in the Valley eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico via the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. On the other side of the Continental Divide, the Catawba River flows southeastward, finally entering SC, becoming the Wateree River, then the Cooper River, and flowing on down to the Atlantic Ocean at Charleston, SC.

I run my small knife shop and store on the land where I spent my childhood. Nestled on the north side of the Swannanoa Valley, my home offers great views of High Windy, High Top, Lakey Gap, Sunset (Miami) Mountain, and the Swannanoa Mountain range to the south and east. We are approximately twelve "crow miles" south of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern United States.

Access to the Blue Ridge Parkway is nine miles from home. I can be in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in an hour, Craggy Gardens in less than an hour, and Shining Rock Wilderness in an hour. Easy access to these wonders has helped shape who I am. To this day, the natural beauty of Western North Carolina sometimes takes my breath.  

Custom Hand Made Knives--

I take pride in crafting each blade myself using high-quality steel purchased from reputable dealers, who are known well in the knife community. I only work with suppliers who can provide factory certifications and details about the specific "Melt" of the steel I use. You can trust that none of my knives are made with scrap, recycled, or mystery steel. As a member of the NC Custom Knife Maker's Guild, The Better Business Bureau, and The Swannanoa Valley Chamber of Commerce, I am committed to providing top-notch craftsmanship and ethical business practices.



My parents and three of four grandparents grew up here in Western North Carolina. So did most of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. Many of us are still here in Black Mountain and Buncombe County, along the Blue Ridge, and my children are also here. As a child and an adult, we have enjoyed picnics, hikes, and rides along The Blue Ridge Parkway. Now my young grandson is calling Buncombe County home.

My roots in Western North Carolina are long and deep. That alone guides me to provide the best products and services possible. My client is likely to be a friend, or referred by a friend, a neighbor, former schoolmate or coworker, or even a family member, or maybe one person away from knowing my family or me. Because of this, you will get the best I have to offer!

"Keith was great to work with! Not only was he quick and professional, his work with our broken knife was fantastic! We will use him in the future, and I highly recommend him!"



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Click Here For Brand New Steak Knives

I've always appreciated a good knife that does its job well, whatever that job may be. I constantly strive to make a great 8-inch custom chef's knife, a handmade nakiri, a hunter, or a skinning knife in a price range that regular folks like you and I can afford.


Working with steel and other metals for most of my adult life as a manual and CNC machinist and tool maker, the jump to custom knives was a natural choice. I'm constantly refining my "process" as if I'm still in a production atmosphere; for example, making or heat treating a batch of five or ten knives is more cost-effective and less time-consuming "per knife" than making them one at a time. Developing and refining my skills also saves time and improves quality, as does having and choosing the right tool to perform the task at hand. 

I am constantly studying the science of metallurgy to understand better what each element in a particular steel composition does to the finished product. I've studied deeply the steels I choose to offer for knives, and I chose these for their BALANCE of properties, such as toughness, ease of sharpening, potential working hardness, and for stainless steel, stain resistance.


At Keith Nix Knives, we offer three high-carbon steels, three stainless steels, and three tool steels from which to choose for the home kitchen or professional environment! Included are AEB-L, 14C28N, CPM MagnaCut, CPM M4, A2, D2, 52100, 80CRV2, and 26C3.


I've tested heat-treating protocols for the steels I use and offer to you. I've done all this in my ovens, and I know my ovens' idiosyncrasies. They produce results comparable to the people whose teachings have helped me achieve my goals. I am set up to do cryogenic treatment of all the knives I make, because it has been proven that a soak at -320F (yes, 320 BELOW  ZERO) makes every steel stronger, harder, and more abrasion resistant to support sharp keen edges. I use the knowledge I've gained to produce the very best knives possible for folks in Black Mountain and the surrounding area. And I'll share what I know with those interested!

Looking for custom knives that are handmade with precision, quality and affordability? Look no further than Keith Nix Knives! Led by the head grinder and Black Mountain native, Keith, these custom kitchen and outdoor blades are top-notch, perfect for everything from hunting to paring, and even fine slicing. Shop now and find the perfect blade!



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"The Norton" Fillet/Boning/Camp Kitchen Knife

Keith Nix Knives also offers Knife Sharpening Services and edge and tip repair to individuals and businesses in Asheville, Weaverville, Black Mountain, Old Fort, and Marion, NC. Call or text to book your knife or make your appointment!


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Check The Knifeworks Store Now!


Crafted By Hand, Informed By Science!

"I've already put some good use in from working in a professional kitchen with my cleaver and 10" chef knife; also, love the quality, balance, and sharpness. Keith let me pick the wood in for the handles, talked me through blade sizes, and also the edge type that was right for me. All of my coworkers are just as in love with the product as I am, as well I've already been asked by family and friends where to get the high quality craftsmanship that I received. The handles are beyond beautiful, the blades are beyond sharp and strong, and I love how great Keith is with making sure the product meets the person and need for the knife. All around, better than anything I've ever bought from major knife brands!"

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Keith at the Knife grinder, sparks flying!

Sharpening Services

Please, PLEASE, don't hesitate to call or text before ordering a product or service online. In order for me to customize your work for you, we need to talk. Email works too, just talk to me!


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