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Shop Keith Nix Knives In Black Mountain NC  
Hand Made Kitchen Knives Black Mountain, Chefs Knives
Custom Cleavers, Custom Kitchen Knives Near You

Custom Kitchen Knives, Outdoor Knives, Chef's Knives, Petite Chef's Knives, Nakiri, Carving Knives, Slicing Knives, Cleavers and Vegetable Cleavers, Steak Knives, Boning Knives, Hunting, Fishing, and Camping!
Custom Sheaths For Any Knife We Make 

SHOP The North Carolina Knife Store!

Please check often as new Custom Kitchen Knife styles and outdoor/hunting knife designs are added! If you don't see the custom knife you want, let's create it! New orders are currently being built and delivered in 28-32 weeks.
NO DEPOSIT necessary! Let's put your knife set together soon!
Feel free to call, email, or text before booking online. I can't build a custom knife without speaking to you first!
Let's Get Started On Your Custom Knife Today!

Introducing the Micro Cleaver In Black Mountain!

NOTE: Please allow 28-32 weeks lead time for your custom knife to be built!
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Scroll down now to shop Keith Nix Knives for a western style Deba knife, a hybrid Japanese knife styled after a Deba, Gyuto, or kiritsuke. Custom stainless steel chefs knife or carbon steel chefs knives are also available to book. Even a Keith Nix Knives Brisket Slicer! 

We make petite chefs knives, a carving knife or slicing knife, meat cleavers, vegetable cleavers, mini cleavers, micro cleavers, and custom cleavers. Paring knives and steak knives to assist you with your prep work, whether you're a professional chef or a home cook! A boning knife or fillet knife for tasks that require a flexible blade. Meat and fish, poultry and vegetables, nearly every meal requires some prep work with a knife! Don't you deserve a good knife or two?

All knives are delivered with startling sharpness out of the box, with built-in hardness that exceeds nearly all factory knives.

Every knife we offer can be made as stainless steel knives or carbon steel knives, and either will make you a wonderful blade. 

All Keith Nix Knives are fixed blade, full tang knives for added strength and proper balance. We offer a nakiri knife, and several styles of custom chefs knives, including Japanese styles, western style Deba knives, carving knives, boning knife, and all styles of kitchen knives. All hand made in stainless steel or high carbon knife steel by Keith Nix Knives.
For outdoor lovers, we have a
variety of sheath knives from hunting knives to fishing or camping blades! See some of our custom sheaths here!



All custom knives are made to your own specifications right here at the Black Mountain Knifeworks. We use only new known steel. Each blade is personally and individually heat treated by Keith, cryogenically quenched, tempered, and hand-ground to be the best custom knife it can possibly be!


Proudly offering laser personalization of any Keith Nix blade by Precision Graphics of Black Mountain, NC. We custom fit the handle material or wood of your choice, and offer leather custom sheaths, made individually for each knife from top grain vegetable tanned cowhide. Each knife can be made with any handle materials other than bone, horn, or antler. We offer fine wood handles to more water-resistant G10 or Micarta. Your personal preferences matter at Keith Nix Knives!

Any knife in our store can be made from a variety of steels to satisfy the home cook or professional chef, from simple high carbon steel to stainless steel, to high tungsten tool steels. We offer three high-carbon stainless steels (AEB-L, 14C28N, and CPM MagnaCut), three high-carbon steels (52100, 80CRV2, 26C3), and three tool steels (A2, D2, and CPM M4) for either kitchen knives or outdoor/sheath knives.  All custom knives are finished to razor sharpness, as measured on the BESS scale by the  "Edge on Up" sharpness tester!

Caring For Your Custom Knife!
Learn a little about Keith Nix Knives HERE!

To Speak Or Text With The Knife Maker Now, CLICK HERE!

"I ordered a beautiful chef's knife from Keith. He showed me his process, allowed me to pick out the wood for the handle and delivered a lasting heirloom for my husband's birthday. If you are interested in a purchase, take the time to set up an appointment, and see what is possible.
Also, I was aware that Keith needs the lead time to hand craft such a gorgeous, perfect knife. The investment up front by contacting him months ahead was worth it."
"I've already put some good use in from working in a professional kitchen with my cleaver and 10" chef knife; also, love the quality, balance, and sharpness. Keith let me pick the wood in for the handles, talked me through blade sizes, and also the edge type that was right for me.
All of my coworkers are just as in love with the product as I am, as well I've already been asked by family and friends where to get the high quality craftsmanship that I received.
The handles are beyond beautiful, the blades are beyond sharp and strong, and I love how great Keith is with making sure the product meets the person and need for the knife. All around, better than anything I've ever bought from major knife brands!"
    At the grinder making bevels on a knife.

    Sharpening Services

    Please, PLEASE, don't hesitate to call or text before ordering a product or service online. In order for me to customize your work for you, we need to talk. Email works too, just talk to me!


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