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Keith Nix Knives Reviews And Testimonials
Real Commentary, Real Customers

The reviews below are posted here from customer reviews left on Google and other sites, with links at the bottom where it will be easy to verify authenticity. They are of work performed at Keith Nix Knives and comment on either new custom knives or sharpening services performed. Please click on the links below to see these and other reviews of the many happy, satisfied customers of Keith Nix Knives!

See Actual Google Reviews HERE!

I ordered a beautiful chef's knife from Keith. He showed me his process, allowed me to pick out the wood for the handle and delivered a lasting heirloom for my husband's birthday. If you are interested in a purchase, take the time to set up an appointment, and see what is possible. Also, I was aware that Keith needs the lead time to hand craft such a gorgeous, perfect knife. The investment up front by contacting him months ahead was worth it. I also have a professional chef friend who gave the knife high marks, plus many "ooohs" and "aahs." I am so very pleased to have this beautiful knife in our home, representing a local artist like Keith."

My kitchen knives were so dull they wouldn’t cut anything without effort. Keith sharpened them and they’re better than new. Service was quick, easy and reasonably priced. Easy location in Black Mountain. I highly recommend him!


Wonderful service. Extremely personable on the phone. Took Keith 8 knives, one serrated. Left them one day and they were ready the next! VERY sharp now!! Like brand new knives. Prices excellent. We look forward to meeting him at his Black Mountain studio in the future. Now just have to be careful not to cut my fingers!!


A little over a month ago I came to Keith to sharpen two kitchen knives I was planning to use for a couple of jobs I booked in Colorado. I poorly planned and requested a quick turnaround (I was leaving in one week). Keith offered same day services which was perfect for my situation.Not only did Keith do a fantastic job sharpening my knives, his prices were very fair. I worked a catering event and a food truck at a festival that following weekend in Colorado and got all sorts of compliments from professional chefs on how great and sharp my knives were.
Even a month later my knives are still in great shape ( I do frequently hone them). I plan to come see Keith again before the end of the year because a sharp knife is a safe knife!
"Love love love my knives and they make excellent gifts!! Such good quality, very sharp and absolutely PHENOMENAL wood to choose from for handles."


"I am so happy to have found Keith. He was able to take my knives right away and return them the same day. And I am so happy with how they came out- it’s like I have a brand new set of knives. Getting them sharpened has been on my to-do list for over a year, and my only regret is not getting them to Keith sooner!"


"My knives are like new! Keith does excellent work, and in quick time as well, which was important as my knives had not been sharpened in years. I highly recommend him, and will certainly call on him again."


"My boyfriend(who is a chef) and I love these knives. They are well made and pretty to look at. We have 3 at the moment but will continue purchasing them for each other and gifts for our friends and family. They are sturdy, well built, and hand crafted. I highly recommend them for anyone at any knife skill level. You can cook at home with them or take them into the kitchen you work in and use them everyday, all the time. Plus Keith is awesome. If you want a hand made knife that is locally made, he is your guy! I can't wait to order out next one!"


I've already put some good use in working in a professional kitchen with my cleaver and 10" chef knife; I also love the quality, balance, and sharpness. Keith let me pick the wood in for the handles, talked me through blade sizes, and also the edge type that was right for me. All of my coworkers are just as in love with the product as I am, as well I've already been asked by family and friends where to get the high-quality craftsmanship that I received. The handles are beyond beautiful, the blades are beyond sharp and strong, and I love how great Keith is with making sure the product meets the person and need for the knife. All around, better than anything I've ever bought from major knife brands!


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