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FREE Learning- Why Cryo Treat Knives?

Updated: May 23

Filling a 32L vacuum insulated dewar with liquid nitrogen
Filling the LN2 Dewar

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen? What Is Liquid Nitrogen? What Does It Do? How Do You Know It Does That? Will LN2 Fix a Bad Heat Treatment?

People ask questions! And we're going to try and provide some answers today about one of the most misunderstood parts of heat treating knives- the cryogenic quench! WHAT IS LIQUID NITROGEN? The air we breathe is 78% gaseous nitrogen. It is all around us as you read this. So there's plenty of this element, but we need it to be liquid, and we need it in a container! This involves a process called "air liquification", which compresses and chills air or gaseous elements to the point where its constituent components separate and liquify. (carbon dioxide solidifies at -120F, nitrogen liquefies at -320F, oxygen at -297F, hydrogen at -423F). Knowing that, the liquifier can collect each liquified gas at a s