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FREE Learning-What Makes a Good Hunting Knife?

Updated: Jan 4

Keith Nix Knives FREE Learning!! Which Hunting Knife Style is Right For ME??

Everyone who hunts has a different answer to "what makes a good hunting Knife?" Part of that comes from what each hunter HUNTS, and part is likely family tradition. Some like big, beefy knives, others like thinner, shorter and more precise, agile blades. Bird hunters need a different blade, than bear, deer, or rabbit hunters. Folks who fish are hunters as well, and their blade needs are different still.

A hunting knife is a tool, in fact a multi-tool. Typical classic designs try to make the hunting knife a tool to gut and clean a carcass, skin it, break it down into primal cuts, debone the primals, and fillet a few trout for dinner, after the same knife is used to process enough firewood to last all night. Of course no knife will do ALL that well, and it makes no sense to even try to make one.

I do make a "classic" looking hunting knife(left), I make it thin enough to actually serve as a knife, and not a small axe like object for splitting firewood! It's a simple 4" - 4.5" drop point, with a handle that fits just right. This knife, "The Lautner", is available in any steel I stock

I offer another blade, smaller and more agile than a standard hunter. A friend commissioned this blade and we designed it together, called "The Pig Skinner". He uses this 3" blade to skin the feral hogs he hunts in SC. Blade length can be increased to around 4" to accommodate your preferences. Named for the co-designer, this is "The Rollins".

A third hunting knife I offer is a 5" fillet/skinning knife, or it can be stretched to 6 1/2-7" for a fillet/boning knife. Another great friend and I designed this one, around his love of an old fillet knife to skin deer. It's thin and flexible similar to a fillet knife with enough heft to still be useful skinning large game. This blade can be easily modified to your particular task. My thinking is that a "hunting knife" should actually be a "Hunting Set", with three or four specialized knives to do all the tasks needed to move game from the field to the frying pan or freezer. Do you have a need for a specialized hunting knife? Let's talk about it and get it built for you! More Free Learning:

The Great Steel Debate Order Your Custom Knife from Keith Nix Knives Shop Now!

828-337-7836 Thanks for reading, Keith Keith Nix Knives

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